A Letter From your Founders

Every Second Counts was founded to address what some considers one the biggest threats American women face today, domestic violence. The issue of domestic violence has been brought to the forefront of our community because the number of cases continue to rise. At Every Second Counts, we believe that it is the responsibility of all community members, system based organizations, and community organizations to stand together to fight back against domestic violence revictimization. Very often we place the burden of prevention on victims and their families, causing them to be more at risk of danger. We are committed to using a forward moving approach to assess risk for victims and gauge the dangerousness of the people who abuse. While bridging the information sharing gap and carefully managing each referral, Every Second Counts promises to advocate with compassion, empathy and understanding.  Together, we will make a difference! 

Every Second Counts, founded in 2020, seeks to end domestic violence revictimization. 

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