Serving Families in the Greater Milwaukee Area

Serving Families in the Greater Milwaukee Area

Our Mission:
To end domestic violence revictimization.

Every Second Counts - Domestic Violence Revictimization Non Profit

Break The cycle

“Intimate-partner violence accounts for between 40 and 50 percent of all female homicides and 15 percent of all violent crime.”

Justice Matters

“Between 65-80% of intimate partner homicides have a reported history of intimate partner violence against the female partner.”

(Bailey et al., 1997; Campbell et al., 2003, 2007; McFarlane, Parker, Soeken, Silva, Reed, 1999; Moracco, Runyan, & Butts, 1998; Pataki, 1997; Sharps et al., 2001; Websdale, 199).

What we have been doing around intimate-partner violence simply hasn’t worked. We still place the burden on victims.

David KennedyNNSC
Insight Meets Impact


Every Second Counts is committed to strengthening partnerships among law enforcement, district attorneys office, victims advocates, social service providers and community members to end domestic violence revictimization. We are dedicated to shifting the burden of prevention from victims.

Community Involvement to End Domestic Violence


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